Ensure That Your Business Is Safe for Your Customers

Hire us for corporate security services in Smyrna, Gallatin or Franklin, TN

Want to deter criminal activity on your property? Executive Protection has you covered. We provide corporate security services in Smyrna, Gallatin and Franklin, TN. We'll provide active-shooter training and help teach your staff members how to de-escalate before a threat turns violent. We can also just be the security for your business if you don't want to dedicate your staff to this type of training.

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Learn the benefits of hiring corporate security

When you contact us, we'll perform a thorough risk assessment to identify any potential risks to your organization and tailor our services to your specific needs. Our corporate security services will allow you to:

  • Control the traffic and crowds around your busy workplace
  • Be the first to know if suspicious activity is going on near your property
  • Have peace of mind in knowing that your employees and facilities are safe

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