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Here at Executive Protection we believe in treating all of our clients at an executive level, rather we are securing your event or being your personal bodyguard expect and an executive experience

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Licensed Company with over 20 years of security and military experience. We’ve serviced A list celebrities to corporate executives. We pride ourselves in customer service and understanding our clients needs. Our presence insures the safety of people, family, and assets while maintaining a high level of confidentiality.
We are able to provide armed or unarmed protection with an executive level of experience. Our team is on call 24/7 and ready to serve you.


Our services range from armed and unarmed uniformed guards to comprehensive 24/7 surveillance. Our security solutions take pride in quality, consistency, and reliability. We are dedicated to providing 24-hour security guards, security patrols, personal armed protection, corporate security services, and more with unprecedented customer service and complete satisfaction.

Executive Protection specializes in providing armed and unarmed estate security for individuals requiring a comprehensive solution based on reliability, professionalism, and discretion. Our staff functions as our clients’ front line guest services personnel in addition to security, maintaining positive relationships, and creating new ones. Executive Protection creates and executes solutions for our clients to accomplish their site-specific safety and security objectives.

With Executive Protection corporate security services. Our customized security guard patrol services will provide your business and staff with peace of mind while we protect and oversee the safety of your business property and personnel. Our trusted corporate security guards’ services are affordable and available for events, business meetings, short-term and long-term projects.

Executive Protection specializes in special event security services, stadium security, private party security, concert, and high-profile protection security, and so much more! Our team of event security professionals can conduct a site risk analysis and pinpoint security areas of concern and put together a comprehensive security guard service plan of action for your special event.

Executive Protection Security Services can minimize and eradicate criminal perpetrators from engaging in any criminal activity that might affect your event, guests, and property. We provide business owners, event managers, and private clients with the latest in event security solutions and protection services that will keep your special event running smoothly and safely. You can focus on your event and leave the security to the professionals. Executive Protection will address any security dangers and correct any issues that might arise. We’re ready to serve and protect your event.

We have a team of highly qualified agents who understand that executive protection is so much more than just hiring any old bodyguard. For full protection, you’ll want a highly trained, experienced, and dedicated security company to guarantee your safety. At Executive Protection, we provide first-rate protection for celebrities, executives, and other individuals who require personal protection. From armed and unarmed uniformed guards to comprehensive video surveillance systems, our security solutions are second to none in quality, consistency, and dependability. We are dedicated to providing unprecedented customer service and satisfaction.

Executive Protection Mobile Patrol Security services will deter any criminal activity, and we are always on the lookout for safety hazards. We trained to alert the right local emergency response personnel in the event of a medical issue or fire. We offer complete mobile patrol security services, including mobile vehicle patrol services, perimeter security patrol, walking patrol services, undercover patrol services, and more.

Our professional mobile patrol services can be customized to meet your specific commercial, retail, or residential location needs. We can accommodate lock up and un-lock gate schedules, equipment on and off schedules, locking any equipment, door security lock and check schedules, alarm activation, and facilities monitoring patrols.

Executive Protection specializes in executive & personal protection services, Bodyguard Service, and Personal Risk Assessment Services. We understand that each of our clients has specific personal protection requirements. Our team works to exceed your expectations and deliver exceptional protection & bodyguard services at affordable rates. We provide more than just personal safety for our clients; each unique situation will be handled both discretely and professionally while your personal bodyguard will keep you or your client in complete safety. Our Executive Protection specialists are highly trained to keep clients and locations safe while mitigating the risks of personal threats, violence, active shooters, stalkers, and any problem that might arise. Our clients can rest assured that they are in the care of skilled and knowledgeable personal protection.

Executive Protection specializes in reducing the possibility of vandalism, theft or trespassing on your Commercial Property.

We Serve:

Private Neighborhoods, Gated Communities, City Events, Construction Sites, Senior Communities, Hotels and Resorts, Apartment Complexes, Property Management Firms, Retail Complexes, Golf Resorts & Country Clubs, Office Building Complexes, Churches, Movie Sets & Locations, Special Atlanta Events

Executive Protection offers 24-Hour security guard services as well as temporary security guard services. We can have a security office on-site quickly and meet all your immediate protection services. Executive Protection’s 24-Hour Security Guard Service is the number one choice for private, corporate, or residential clients seeking to have their property or possessions looked after round the clock.

Our 24-Hour security guard services provide you with peace of mind that your security needs are in the best possible hands of experienced and professional security officers ready to keep your property, staff or products safe at all costs.

We’ll provide total peace of mind while our team protects and oversees your property, guests, and visitors for any threats, hazards, or incidents that may arise. Our trusted security guards are adept in demeanor and exhibit a courteous manner that will represent your facility, company, or resort in a professional way. Our 24-Hour security guard service officers protect quietly and effectively at your location or multiple locations. Call Executive Protection for a free 24-hour security guard service quote today.

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